Sunday, June 21, 2009


You must be wondering why did I come up with a topic like this? Well, I did'nt really thought of it as well untill this topic came up in one of our impromptu practices in my English class. Who does'nt like to talk about chocolate or most importantly, who doesn't like CHOCOLATES!!!!

Speaking of chocolate reminds me a lot of the movie, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Imagine yourself being an owner of a chocolate factory like Willy Wonka..... It's like buliding chocolate castles in the air whereby this can never happen in reality. Let me show how does a chocolate heaven looks like.


Heavenly!!!! I WANT CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice day!

New Found and Lost

Alright, you must be wondering what I've lost and found. Well..... here's the list:-
a) ruler
b) pencil
c) my comb!!!
d) one of the slippers
e) my clothes pegs
f) n the list can go on to the most ridiculous things that I'm sure you don't wanna know about it AT ALL..........

But, in the end, I did found SOME of them. So, these would be my lost and found items right..... NOT FOUND AND LOST (as what is written in the title). Now, the next question that would be lingering in your mind is.... WHAT THE HELL DID I FOUND AND LOST?

I'm not gonna give another lame list this time but I'll make it simple. I've lost a NEWLY FOUND FRIEND in kmm itself. Not in a horrendous way though. Our dear friend, practicum mate and lecture mate had to leave us to pursue his studies elsewhere as he is a JPA scholar. His name is NG YONG KAI a.k.a AH KAI (not sure wheter the spelling is right but that's the way it's pronounced).

Though we've only known each other barely for a month, it was really hard for our practicum to let him go especially for the guys in my practicum because the guys population is getting smaller in my practicum. Ah Kai was also the genius of my class (that's what I consider what he is) because he'll always be our pillar of reference whenever we got lost in our studies.

But then, all meetings always have their endings, right? Thus, in order to not let him go away empty handed, our practicum decided to throw him a simple and affordable party (we are still students anyway, we can't afford much other than the usual). Behind the scene, we sort of raised funds by collecting money from my practicum mates. We wanted him to leave kmm with happy memories.

On the last Friday he was here, we just did a simple party in our very own cafe. We ate, we laughed, we chit-chatted and the best part was... WE CAMWHORED!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pictures speak louder than words. But then, unfortunately, I couldn't download the pictures into this post as I am scared that my handphone will be attacked by the virus. So, I'll try to find other means to download the pictures ASAP using other means.

As for MR. AH KAI, we are gonna miss you loads!!!!!! I promised to e-mail you on how much our practicum is missing you. For now, all we wanna say is

PLEASE, take care of yourself....................................

GOOD LUCK in your studies, your dream to become a doctor and your future undertakings........

Last but not least, DON'T FORGET us (H3P4) and we shall keep in touch with you always!

From my perspective, I am already starting to miss my newly found and lost friend whom I've known for barely a month, but how about my new friends and acquaintances whom I'm gonna be parted from them as soon as I'm done with my matriculation? It's really hard to accept the fact that we are gonna be parted into separate directions as we move on, chasing after our respective dreams. One thing for sure, I am gonna miss all the experiences, friendships and loads more that I've acquires through my rocky sail in KMM. Wonder what the future lies for all of us........

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My very first post....

My very first post would definitely be on KMM. When I first set my foot into KMM's compound, I knew that everything that's going to happen there is going to be a brand new experience. On the 11th of May, I had registered myself there and they handed over my room keys and other 'souveneirs' from KMM. I 'checked' into my room which is in block B3. After my family had left me there, my emotions were mixed as I've NEVER stayed away from my home sweet home. I felt....



a little sad

as I had to stay away from my family.

KMM's campus is really huge and I also got lost countless times until at one point I wanted to move around with the map. Since motored vehicles are not allowed to be used by the students in the campus, we had to move around on foot. So the first advice given to us was to get a pair of proper walking shoes. The first week was the orientation week. According to the facilitators, it is the toughest week for a KMM student to survive. True enough, it was TOUGHER than what I imagined it could have been. We had to run around chasing after time. It was indeed a hectic and tiring week that everytime night falls I felt so tired that I'll 'dive' onto my bed to sleep and obviously it's very hard to get out of bed in the next morning.

However, it was an exhilirating week afterall. After that orientation week, I did foresee that my life is going to be even hectic once the lectures have begun. But it turned out to be not as bad as I feared it would be. I got really cool roomates whereby we'll always be cracking jokes and burst out into laughters which can be heard through the corridors. My practicum mates are also very hyperactive and so I never felt bored while I'm being there with them as there's always something to laugh on about. My feelings now are traonsormed from....

being an emo girl like this

to being like this

Now, I am leading a really happy, fun-filled life like most of the students here. I've adapted to my harsh-found life here. I got really cool companies here. My lecturers are great and the facilities here are superb. What else can I ask for? I need to get back into my studying business now as my homeworks have piled up.






That's all for now, from....

euphoric me!