Thursday, July 23, 2009

Transformers 2


It is a must watched movie in the cinema currently. It was spectacularly awesome.... :D...
Transformers is highly action packed and if u wanna know why, I think u should just watch it first before the fun is spoilt.

The casts for transformers 2

Sam Witwicky, Mikaela Banes

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee (the cutest and my favourite)

Ironhide, Ravanger

Megatron, The Doctor

Part of the scenes

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Being Generous???

I am very proud 2 say that I've donated....... donated blood, for my Bio experiment!!!! 15 precious drops of my blood from me just for the experiment. Actually we only needed 12 drops (2 drops for each test tubes for 6 test tubes) but then I ended up giving out 15 instead. When I pricked my finger for the first time, I managed to fill in 4 test tubes and alas, the blood stop flowing out, not even a single drop! Teacher said dat v cn't switch ppl coz da blood concentration won't b da same. Took another lancet and pricked another finger on the same hand. The blood refuse to come out and my teacher advised me to shake my hand to improve blood circulation in that area. This is when 2 drops by mistake landed on the table instead into the test tube. OMG, It was such a waste. After that I only managed to put in 2 drops into the fifth test tube before the blood stop oozing out again (I seriously dunno wheta i had problems wif my blood pressure onot dat time). Took a deep breath and pricked da third hole on the next finger on my other hand. As usual, I wasted the first drop and I made a mess on the lab's table, with my 3 precious drops of blood being smeared on it. I managed 2 fill up the last test tube with some help from my friend before considering of pricking the fourth hole..... PHEW!!! In the end, 3 holes, 6 test tubes, and 15 drops of blood... At least it was for a good cause i'm doing dat.

This is me when I'm filling the test tubes with my blood. You can also see da mess on the table made by me also and the lancets n alcohol swabs in the other conner....

My lab partners with their evil smiles on their faces after the test tubes are being filled....

Before the break, the management was announcing something on a blood donation drive. Minimum criteria to be a donor is that the he or she must be at least 18 (i'm already 18) and free of disease (so far i think i am ). Why shoud'nt I donate on the name on charity? I think I would donate mine during that blood donation drive. I would like to take my time here to urge everyone who's eligible to be a donor to donate your blood. Who knows that your blood would be very useful to safe ones life someday... Maybe one day I would consider signing up to donate my organs if they are still in a healthy condition! It was a lame post and thanx for reading it anyway...... =D

Friday, July 17, 2009

A priceless gift to the world

A gift to the world from the late KING OF POP, Michael Jackson.... his songs. His songs are really cool especially my favourite, HEAL THE WORLD. The lyrics are meaningful as well and I'm really touched with it. Here are a few video's that u may wanna enjoy!!!

My favourite....

MOON WALK.... His moves are awesome...

This is also really pompin...