Friday, February 12, 2010

preparation~~bio fair~~

Our marchantia clay model......

On the 2oth Feb, the Bio Unit are organising the Bio Fair. Each practicum were given topics to be presented on. Basically, we have the topic and we need to be creative to come out with something so that we can do the exhibition and make people understand more in depth of the topic that is being presented. I heard that they are doing it quite grandly coz they've invited other matriculations' students as well. The more the merrier it would be as the saying goes. There'll be prices for the best ones so all are out to grab it. But then again, all that does matters to me will be the amount of time that we were going to spend/ already spend, working on this project.

As for my class, we got the 'LIFE CYCLE OF MARCHANTIA'. Hearing it at first made me think, what the hell this topic is all about coz we had yet to learn on it. Thus, it means that we would have to do our own homeworks on this small topic. My lecturer said that this topic is going to be tough to be presented but then, we will try our best as we all are putting in our creative heads into this to get people amused with this unfamiliar organism. These were the tonnes of funs we had while completing the project....

I helped out to make them also for hours!!!

I'll post up later on what we really had done on that day..... ciao^^