Thursday, January 21, 2010

Loshini's 19th

My very close friend's birthday happened to fall on the 24th which is the sunday that we were returning back to college. So, definitely we had to celebrate her birthday somehow rite? Evil plans were drawn and we tried to pull it off that night.

2 weeks earlier I already informed Lee (Losh's class rep) to inform/lie to her saying that we are having chem lecture on that Sunday night. If either me or our friends were to inform her, she would be very suspicious and therefore Lee was dragged into the plan. On that Sunday night, we had dinner at Pam's place before so call going off to lecture and seriously speaking, Loshini really fell for it as she messaged me telling me not to be late for class.

But before that, the plan was almost exposed when her classmates called her to the cafe to celebrate hers and Sir Aznam's birthday. As usual, she reminded them of the 'lecture' and her classmates denied, saying that there is no class for that night. They immediately contacted the lecturer to confirm about this.Our lecturer was like, "Waaah, you guys still so bersemangat wanna study chemistry huh"... WHAT A BLUNDER!!!!

Then she called me to tell me that the lecture is cancelled. SWT!!! So, we had to find another way to convince her to get her coming to the DK so that we can give her a surprise attack. I had to lie and somehow manage to convince her to come. So, the plan was on track with a little delay. Here she came and we just surprised her with a birhday cake and song! She was really astonished as she did'nt expected all this from us. Btw, she knew that I was lying but I dunno why she still agreed to come there....^^

So, there it went with the usual cake cutting and feeding to everyone present there. Pam was saying that it was not fair coz she got to cut like 3 cakes in a day! What a lucky girl. So, it still sound like a normal surprise party rite. So, we decided to make it even more memorable by bullying her with the flour. She was really 'pretty' after the 'facial' was done. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Finally, everyone got to bully her there. We just covered her with flour and she was sunning around, chasing us but she could'nt get the hang of it coz we had out-numberred her and we also attacked her from multiple angle. Now this is what we call a memorable birthday bash!

Lastly, I hope you had a wonderful time this year with us. Hope you'll succeed in your well-beings and I am gonna miss u soon (matrix's life is gonna come to an end this april). Thnx to those who were present to make this event a successfull one also.....^^

Chocolate cake. Sunthari's mom forgot to get the happy birthday design on it so I had to use a choki-choki to carve her initals on it. At least its readable!

Semangat cutting cake without having any idea of what was coming up next.

After the 'facial treatment'......... She looks beautiful rite?

After all the hard fun we had, we deserve a nice group picture as remembrance!

Loshini, Lee Chang Hoong, Low Sue Han, Sunthari, Pam, Rose, Loshane, Mullai....and others....

Monday, January 11, 2010

That lil girl

She used to be that lil girl. Just like that lil girl who loved to lock herself up in her room. Just like that lil girl who just thought that her whole world was already perfectly fitted in that small room of hers. Lil did she din't know that she would have to venture out someday. Venturing out all by herself into the whole brand new world as it is, without the guidance from her family, without the shelter from her teacher and without being accompanied by her close friends. That day finally arrives and off she goes into that new place without knowing what lies in the future for her. In her new place, she get to know partially of what live is like, the beginning of a new life. It was even bigger than the one she had back then in her small room. Her room seems to be tiny as compared to it. Many news faces she met, great new things she learnt and priceless experiences she gained. However, sometimes, she feels like going back into her small room and never to come out ever again, not from her used to be comfort zone. There were no particular reasons behind it but then again..... How she wished that she din't have to grow up and just stay put in the way it was. Gathering her courage, she knows that she needs to go through all this as this is part of her growing up process. She needs to make it through the path she'll be walking down to now; towards ADULT-HOOD

Saturday, January 9, 2010

In randomness

yummy malacca abc

where's my umbrella?

man: the whole penang bridge is in my hands

poor feline in its cage or it is in the drain?

modified version of sushi with some sweet corns and coleslaw toppings

Hari Kesyukuran

Last month(but I dun't really rmb the date), the college had invited students, including me to the HARI KESYUKURAN (it's similar to Hari Anugerah Cemerlang used to b held back in schools). As I was sort of free that night, though I had to study for my quiz, I decided to attend that function. After being persuaded by some people, I decided to wear baju kurung instead for that night. My roomates were the ones getting very much excited to have me wearing it because I have never worn one to college before. The outfit was sponsored by The Ebil's Wardrobe.

As I was waiting for my friend outside, a lecturer approached me.

LECTURER: Boleh tak saya pinjam kamu?
ME: *blur*****blur*
LECTURER: Saya nak kamu jadi penyambut tetamu.
ME: What!!!!!

Frankly speaking, I have never been a penyambut tetamu before. I guessed that these were the times when you put to use the knowledge obtained from our Dinamika Kemahiran.

The function was supposed to start at around 8.20pm with the arrival of the Pengarah. Unfortunately, it started late. It started off with the usual bacaan doa and stuff. Then, they made us sing our national anthem. At that moment I realised that I"ve not sang NEGARAKU like for ages. After the Pengarah gave his speech, he called out upon a volunteer to represent us to give another speech. A girl went up (thumbs up to her courage).

Then, accompanied with live singing performances, we took our dinner. Kak Su was one of the singer there and seriusly speaking, she should try out for the Malaysian Idols or something. Meanwhile, we just mingled around and started giving out poses for the cameras. The food was just okay but nothing much spectacular. Other than that, i would say that the function ended pretty well.

Mine was table 37

The menu for that night

The food

Friends who were sitted at the same table as mine

Kak Su and another friend on duet

D Blog is not DEAD

My apologies for not updating my blog for ages.
was busy because of the exams and homeworks....
UPS was just over!!!!
Will update things soon cause the break juz started!!!:p