Monday, January 11, 2010

That lil girl

She used to be that lil girl. Just like that lil girl who loved to lock herself up in her room. Just like that lil girl who just thought that her whole world was already perfectly fitted in that small room of hers. Lil did she din't know that she would have to venture out someday. Venturing out all by herself into the whole brand new world as it is, without the guidance from her family, without the shelter from her teacher and without being accompanied by her close friends. That day finally arrives and off she goes into that new place without knowing what lies in the future for her. In her new place, she get to know partially of what live is like, the beginning of a new life. It was even bigger than the one she had back then in her small room. Her room seems to be tiny as compared to it. Many news faces she met, great new things she learnt and priceless experiences she gained. However, sometimes, she feels like going back into her small room and never to come out ever again, not from her used to be comfort zone. There were no particular reasons behind it but then again..... How she wished that she din't have to grow up and just stay put in the way it was. Gathering her courage, she knows that she needs to go through all this as this is part of her growing up process. She needs to make it through the path she'll be walking down to now; towards ADULT-HOOD

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