Sunday, August 30, 2009

A SINFUL day... :(

It was an exciting Monday like usual but this was a bit extra exciting.... Reason? We just dissected a rat for our Bio experiment. Sounds fun right? Actually it was more than that....

I was kinda feeling bad coz I had to kill it for the sake of my learning experience. But hey, look at the bright side. The rat which is considered one of the annoying pests is put to a good used that day. By dissecting it, I really learned a lot. My lecturer said dat since the rat died to 'deliver' knowledge to us, we shud hav taken an xtra closer observation and gaining lotsa knowledge so that it will be more fruitful and productive.

Before we started off, my lecturer asked wheta v wanted to do it individually or with partners coz there were 16 fainted rats to b shared amongst the 23 of us. At first I wanted to do it individually but then my partner suggested that v shud do it together coz she has a weak heart and stomach against disgusting stuffs. From the beginning, she was there to help me but once Ive cut thru the skin, revealing all the organs, she cud not take it anymore leaving me 2 do it all by myself which also means I sorta did the whole thing individually. :p .... Abeh Mar who also cud not withstand the experiments also took on another role as the photographer of the day. We all just handed our cameras and handphones and he went all the way taking shots since our hands were already stained with blood.
I've got the skinniest rat which was a good thing coz i dun hav to do extra work to clean off the fats. But the grossiest part was when I just dissected it open, pus (spelling??) or 'nanah' started coming out from the left part of the rat's chest and the smell was horrendous.... GROSS!!!! I just made an conclusion that this rat was already dying off cancer (If there are chances of it being so). Taking my mind off from the ugly part of it, I quickly studied the organs of the rat which is similarly looking to those of human's. The hardest part was when we were asked to remove the brain from its skull... The skull which was protecting the brain was really as hard as stone until I nearly hurt my own hand while we were trying to open the skull. But then, in the end, we did manage to open up the skull by sawing it.... looks like a gruesome murder to me!
The remaining guys were the ones who got extra hyper that day coz usually they r 'quiet' on normal days. Their group just skinned of the rat and carried its naked body mercilessly just like that, bullying others of course in the same time. Then, Muttaqin (if m not mistaken) went around each table to chop of each rat's tail and collect it. He managed to get 3 of them.... SWT!


Princess DD with her specimen
Rat without skin!!!


From another point of camera view

My adorable rat before its death

Azrin and his rat

The rats' tail. There are 3 of em there if its noticable.

Drilling out the brain from its skull

The organs ....

It was just another experimenting day anyway. What's next to dissect..... I shall just ponder over it!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pammie's Birthday Bash

It was Pam's birthday on the 12th of August. I know that this is really a late update but anyway I've still managed to find some time to post on this event.

Alright, back to what I was on earlier. Losh and me planned to give an early morning suprise birthday wish. We ambushed her in her 'mansion' around 7.45 a.m., then we gave her a big smile and wished her. Since we were goin to be late, we parted off leaving her behind in her room. Too bad we did not have our lecture in the first hour, which means we only got back together during our bio lecture in the second hour.

What is a birthday celebration without a birthday cake, right? Another friend of ours brought in the birthday cake. For the amount of pocket money we had and it was a last minute plan anyway, we got her an APPOLO LAYERED CAKE, sounds economical right?... and its portable by the way. Did the usual feeding and singing birthday song among the four of us in the lecture hall (of course before the lecturer entered the class if not v r soooo dead).

Sounds like an usual and lame birthday celebration right... Actually the fun started off in the evening. We managed to persuade Pam until Losh's room whereby we locked her in there because we planned to give another birthday attack at a more wat i call 'matured level at matriculation stage'-- sounds like an evil deed to me. Planned to get her wet and sticky with water and my powder. But but but the smart of us did not think that anyone (even a small child ...) is capable of unlocking the door from the inside. Alright, you guessed it right! She got away as soon as she got to know our master plan.

Who cares if plan A is spoilt, we still have plan B. Plan B was supposed to be more aggresive whereby we really wanted to make her stink since she spolit our earlier plan by running away. So i suggested an egg-war. At first we already were armed with our weapons (fresh eggs) but Losh disagreed saying that it will be a big mess and besides nobody will be willing to clean it up since the next attack is suppose to take place in her room plus we dun want our outing cards to be consfiscated. So, we changed our plan a little to make it less vicious... We used ICE instead!!! It was a brilliant idea anyway because it was to be easier to clean the mess up later on.

We got a bag full of ice and we went off to Pam's room. We sneaked up to her room making as little noise as possible. We knew that she had looked herself up in the room and making it appear as if she's not in the room. But we were not gonna make a U-turn now after all the preparations that were done. So, we got another girl's help to call out Pam's roomate out. It worked obviously. As soon as the door was opened, I signalled her to keep quiet and we took this golden oppurtunity to launch out attack.

The war was on..... With ice water being splashed on Pam and of course we also got wet in the chilly ice water.... But poor Pam, she got the most of it. She was no match against the three of us. So, Pam, this is was I call as a real birthday bash!!!! Hope you have enjoyed the most of it and we all wanna wish u a happy happy happy 18th Birthday gal!!!! Dun worry coz if der was to b a next year's birthday celebration for u, maybe rotten eggs, with thick ketchup and smelly socks shud b included in the plan..... :p. I think the pictures will do most of the talking business after this onwards....
War time!!!! Went in armed with ice and water....

My allies (Guna in pink and Losh in blue) and the victim, Pam in the middle

The birthday gal after the war!