Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hari Kesyukuran

Last month(but I dun't really rmb the date), the college had invited students, including me to the HARI KESYUKURAN (it's similar to Hari Anugerah Cemerlang used to b held back in schools). As I was sort of free that night, though I had to study for my quiz, I decided to attend that function. After being persuaded by some people, I decided to wear baju kurung instead for that night. My roomates were the ones getting very much excited to have me wearing it because I have never worn one to college before. The outfit was sponsored by The Ebil's Wardrobe.

As I was waiting for my friend outside, a lecturer approached me.

LECTURER: Boleh tak saya pinjam kamu?
ME: *blur*****blur*
LECTURER: Saya nak kamu jadi penyambut tetamu.
ME: What!!!!!

Frankly speaking, I have never been a penyambut tetamu before. I guessed that these were the times when you put to use the knowledge obtained from our Dinamika Kemahiran.

The function was supposed to start at around 8.20pm with the arrival of the Pengarah. Unfortunately, it started late. It started off with the usual bacaan doa and stuff. Then, they made us sing our national anthem. At that moment I realised that I"ve not sang NEGARAKU like for ages. After the Pengarah gave his speech, he called out upon a volunteer to represent us to give another speech. A girl went up (thumbs up to her courage).

Then, accompanied with live singing performances, we took our dinner. Kak Su was one of the singer there and seriusly speaking, she should try out for the Malaysian Idols or something. Meanwhile, we just mingled around and started giving out poses for the cameras. The food was just okay but nothing much spectacular. Other than that, i would say that the function ended pretty well.

Mine was table 37

The menu for that night

The food

Friends who were sitted at the same table as mine

Kak Su and another friend on duet

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